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Final Round of 2016 Conister Bank Arena Eventing

The eagerly awaited final round of the 2016 Conister Bank Arena Eventing Series took place on Sunday 2nd October in glorious weather hosted by Kennaa Riding Club at the fabulous All Weather Outdoor Arena at Kennaa Equestrian Centre, St Johns.

Arena Eventing is an increasingly popular sport, which allows horse and rider to tackle a course of coloured traditional showjumps and then move straight into a simulated timed cross country course, all within an arena, which enables the sport to be held in all weathers, and within a smaller area, allowing spectators to view the entire course. Balance and accuracy are required from the horses, as there are many fences within a small area, and a good memory from his rider, which on Sunday did seem to be lacking with a few jockeys!

This is the third year that the series has run, with very generous Sponsorship from Conister Bank, which has provided superb prizes for each class winner throughout the series. The points from the previous four rounds were added to double points given at the final round so that each of the seven classes had an Overall Champion, who won a very coveted purple Conister branded Winners Rug.

For this final round, a pre Intro 55cm class was introduced, which was aimed at encouraging the younger or less experienced riders and horses to have a go at Arena Eventing, and it was lovely to see some new faces taking part. This class was won by Claire Griffin riding Holbrook Zac, so it will good to see this pair progress over the 2017 series.

Other class winners on the day, winning striking Conister Bank purple hat silk covers were : Abby Jackson (Caraway Kingcup), Victoria Garner (Four Humour), Amelia Hotchkiss (Greystones Pilgrim), Colleen Miller (Gypsy Moth), Abigail Turner-Drewry (Aclare Cracker), Abby Corlett (Blue River) and Freya Cullen (Honey Bunny).

Kennaa Riding Club would like to thank Conister Bank, especially Andy Bass for their very generous support of the Series and are excited to announce there are plans in 2017 to have a round at the Royal Manx Agricultural Show, which should bring Arena Eventing to a much wider audience.

The 2016 Series Champions and Reserve Champions were: 70cm Junior Champion Abby Jackson (Caraway Kingcup) Reserve Amelia Hotchkiss (Greystones Pilgrim), 70cm Senior Champion Laura Corcoran (Mr Bojangles) Reserve Victoria Garner (Four Humour), 80cm Junior Champion Hannah Geoghegan (Coscorrig Lad), Reserve Amelia Hotchkiss (Greystones Pilgrim), 90cm Junior Champion Abigail Turner-Drewry (Aclare Cracker) Reserve Hannah Geoghegan (Coscorrig Lad), 90cm Senior Champion Abby Corlett (Blue River) Reserve Charlotte Shimmin (Mighty Atom), 105cm Champion Charlotte Shimmin (Mighty Atom) Reserve Abby Corlett (Blue River)

Conister Bank Arena Eventing series results (round five) – 55cm pre intro 1, Claire Griffin (Holbrook Zac) 2,Siobhan Maginn (Raymonds Shadow); 3, Holly Dimelow (Midnight Mystery); 70cm junior: 1, Abby Jackson (Caraway Kingcup); 2, Lucy Corlett (Finn); 3, Amelia Hotchkiss (Greystones Pilgrim); 4, Holly Dimelow (Midnight Mystery); 5, Lola Bass (McCoist Cowboy); 70cm senior: 1, Victoria Garner (Four humour); 2, Laura Corcoran (Mr Bojangles); 3, Tara Adams (Ballaloobey Clover); 4, Claire Scott (Stan The Man); 5, , Claire Bagshaw (Crannmore Lad) 80cm Junior: 1, Amelia Hotchkiss (Greystones Pilgrim); 2, Hannah Geoghegan (Coscorrig Lad); 3, Frankie Cullen (Baileys Midnight Dash); 4, Lola Bass (McCoist Cowboy); 80cm senior: 1, Colleen Miller (Gypsy Moth); 2, Ann Atkinson (Donna); 3,Sammy Cattle (Rockmount Kallie); 4, Victoria Garner (Four humour); 90cm junior: 1, Abigail Turner-Drewry (Aclare Cracker); 2, , Hannah Geoghegan (Coscorrig Lad); 3, Frankie Cullen (Baileys Midnight Dash); 90cm senior: 1, Abby Corlett (Blue River); 2, Colleen Miller (Gypsy Moth); 3, Sammy Cattle (Rockmount Kallie); 4, Jess Collister (It’s The President); 105cm: 1, Freya Cullen (Honey Bunny); 2,Abby Corlett (Blue River); 3, Charlotte Shimmin (Mighty Atom)


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